Wednesday, April 9, 2008

prepard to be invaded

the first pieces of our invasive species dinnerware sets. each plate is enameled with our letterpressed wood cuts, and refired to over 2000 degrees. Dazzle your dinner guests with facts about each species - click on the colloquial names to learn more. remade restaurant china, sizes vary.

Formosan Termite plate

European Starling plate

Gypsy Moth bone plates

Africanized Honeybee bowl

Fire Ant plate

Cane Toad bowl

Coming VERY soon are kudzu, zebra mussel, silver carp, ship rat, brown tree snake, and purple loosestrife. We will post more dinnerware shapes and photos in the next couple of weeks.

1 comment:

Eva-Christina Jorgensen said...

wow! so cool to find this going on in the same town as me. and to think i read about you on a canadian blog! love your work.