Monday, October 27, 2008

Ten Times - project #2

The second piece from our 10 times series - Cuckoo (redo). The Ten Times project in a nutshell - we take 10 regular objects, and make then ten times better. Each object is produced in a limited edition of ten, making 100 pieces in all. Each item will cost ten times the amount of the original object. We throw in the labor for free. It is the idea that is the expensive part.
Pre-existing IKEA clock altered with rapid prototyped wolf head slipcast in porcelain, porcelain pressed leaves, and slipcast pine cones. The face of the clock has the molecular structure for china clay printed on the surface.
8” x 16”, 100.00 each. Edition of ten.
*with stocks falling - think about investing in art this quarter*

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