Wednesday, March 4, 2009

what are these called? and does anyone sell them?

Reclaimed bricks. We take fired bricks from Beldon Brick, paint the top with a white brick oxide, and then silkscreen layers of imagery using enamels and china paint. Then, we refire each brick to about 2000 degrees so the designs are set for life.
What can you do with a brick? Here are a few ideas: door stop, decorative element, small painting that stands on its own, heat it up and put it under your covers at night to keep you warm - put it in the freezer and put it under your covers in the summer, tie a note on it and throw it through a window, start to build something, hold down items on a windy day....
Who couldn't use one? Let us know, and we will pick you out a good one. 30.00 each.

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